Tuesday, December 1, 2009

K is for Karate

Baylies preschool had the opportunity to go to a karate studio for one of the days during "K" week. The parents were invited to go watch too. The morning of the event she was soooo excited and would tell her siblings that she was "going to karate chop them when they got home." We got there and little miss "karate chop" wouldn't go participate! I kept telling her that Jace and I were going to leave if she didn't go out and learn what they were teaching the class. I finally got her to sit with the class but she still wouldn't go onto the mats when it was time for them to practice some moves. Notice how cute her hair was that day, at least she looked cute! After MUCH begging and pleading on my part, I finally got her to go out and do something. She is learning to block a hit. This was the first thing she did, I had to literally drag her out onto the mats and stand with her. I backed up for a picture and after that she was fine, however a good hour had gone by and she did miss a lot of fun stuff.
Sitting with her class and cute teacher getting ready for the next "skill."

Learning to punch and kick the big bags! My camera was a little slow in snapping the shots so it doesn't look like she's done much but stand there.

Practicing a karate kick! They even taught them how to "grunt" when doing the moves. They said it helps get your whole body into it. It was hilarious. She ended up having a fabulous time and didn't want to leave when it was time. Hmmmm.... guess she shouldn't have wasted an hour and believed me when I told her how much fun it would be.

It was cute to watch all the kids and I am glad that Baylie finally went out and participated. Here is a short little video of her "in combat" with one of the instructors kids. They were doing "sword fights." The two kids that were working with them did a demonstration using real swords and both have earned tons of trophies and medals during their years in karate. It was fun to watch the "pros" in action too.


  1. Where does Baylie go to preschool? That would be a fun fieldtrip to go on. I bet the kids really enjoyed it. Also, I'm going to copy Baylie's hair, and try it on Hailee. Thanks:)

  2. Yes, her hair is darling! Be happy she has some for you to do so cute! Looks like a fun trip! haaa yaaa!