Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday..... to me

Yesterday, I was able to celebrate another birthday. I've always enjoyed my birthday, even with it being so close to Christmas. Since it was Sunday, there wasn't a whole lot we could go do, but Chris and the kids made my day perfect!
I woke up and Chris had made me breakfast and even remembered to serve it to me on our "you are special today" plate. Then, they showered me with my birthday gifts. Jace informed me that he picked out the balloon in the flowers, he also picked out some swedish fish, which he informed me that I had to share with him.
I have been wanting the Greg Olsen "Gentle Healer" picture for a couple of years now, and surprise.... Chris got it for me. Funny little story, a couple of weeks before Christmas, I was looking at this picture in Deseret Book. I texted Chris and told him I purchased it, and he texted back wanting to know if I was wrapping it and putting it under the tree. I told him no, I just wanted a new picture of Christ in the family room. Come to find out, after he had given it to me yesterday, he made the comment that he had already bought it and it was hiding under Makenna's bed, when I had texted him about it.
It's gorgeous!

After church, Chris went out to the freezer and got my cake. It's my favorite ice cream cake from cold stone. The "cheesecake named desire." He left it in the back of his truck thinking it would remain frozen but when he went to check on it Sunday morning, this is what it looked like, so he put it in the freezer at that point. It tasted fantastic anyway!

What a great birthday, and to be able to spend it with my awesome family was fabulous! I appreciate the effort they all went to, to make it a special day for me. I received lots of phone calls, e-mails and facebook birthday wishes from friends too. It was a happy birthday, to me!

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  1. I'm glad you got spoiled on your birthday:) My sister has that exact plate they use for their family as well. What a great idea, and I'm glad your cake was still good.