Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An early Christmas....... for Makenna

Yesterday, I picked Makenna up from school to take her to her orthodontist appointment. As I dropped her off, I told her to either text or call me when she was done and needed to be picked up, and I headed off to run some errands. Usually her appointments take between 30 and 45 minutes, she texted me immediately and said they were talking like they might be taking her braces off. I told her not to get too excited that Dr. Tall told me 2 weeks ago he would evaluate and choose a date, but that she was getting close. A few minutes later, I got another text saying that yes, they were taking them off. She was really excited and her teeth look fantastic! Congratulations Makenna! Lindsay and Makenna overlapped for about a year in their wearing them. Makenna had hers on for only 18 months while Lindsay had them for 25! I better start saving up for someone else, but hopefully it will be quite some time before anyone else has to get them!

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