Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Chris and I woke up earlier than any of the kids, I have no idea why, except that a certain 3 year old little boy and a 5 month old miniature schnauzer had made their way into our bed in the middle of the night. After that, there's not a whole lot of sleeping, just moving around trying to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. We walked into the family room to find that santa had indeed, found us. Not only had he found us, but he was very generous. We must have been really good this past year.
This is what we found. A "choo-choo train" for Jace.
Zhu Zhu pets and accessories for Baylie and Ali.

And, digital camera's for Makenna, Emily and Lindsay.

While opening presents, Baylie got a doll. That's the one thing she consistently asked for.

Jace holding up the extra tracks. (I actually went and woke him up not too much longer after Chris and I got up) It was no fun without the kids!

Jace, making sure Chris put his train together immediately. Ali and Emily going through their stockings.

Still going through stockings is Makenna, Baylie and Emily. Santa wrapped everything in the stockings this year, just to make sure it took a little longer to go through.

One of the kids' favorite parts of Christmas is the sibling exchange. They draw another name out of a bowl and that's who they get to buy a gift for. Makenna proudly holding up the Dr. Pepper Ali gave her. (she also got earrings and gum for her locker) Dr. Pepper is her favorite!

Sometime before we left to go shopping, Lindsay informed Jace that she wanted a new car for Christmas. When we got to the store, he was insistent about getting her a "new car!" So funny to watch her open!

(A nice new mustang! Nice job Jace)
Lindsay and Makenna with their new i-touches.

As I was busily preparing dinner, Bella was waiting under where the kids would sit hoping to "catch" some of their food!

We were able to have Chris's mom over for dinner as well as an old neighbor who we used to live next door to. We had a great dinner with lots of yummy food and it was a great day that we'll all be able to look back on with fantastic memories.

We had a turkey and a ham. Chris wanted ham but everyone else wanted turkey so, I did both.
Here's my yummy turkey.

We had a great Christmas and are so blessed to have been able to spend this day honoring our Savior's birth, together as a family. We know how lucky we are to have the truth of the gospel in our home and are so grateful for the sacrifice our Savior has made for each of us.

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  1. Looks like a great Christmas!!! I love Bella sitting waiting for food, Macy does to! ;) Makenna said you got some good stuff for xmas to,like shoes!!! (my fav);) ha!