Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Christmas program

Emily and Ali's Elementary school put on a little program for parents on Tuesday. I was able to make it, even though I didn't know about it until that morning, and it started at 9:30. I hurried to get Jace and Baylie ready to go and we made it just in time. Each of the grades performed a couple of songs and it was fun to watch. The principal had mentioned at the beginning of the program that the kids had been going from room to room hearing Christmas stories and then after the program they would be having their parties. I wonder why they even have them going to school on days like that.
I found Emily in the crowd before the program started. Emily was put in the back row of the bleachers and clear in the corner, so my pictures of her aren't that great but I did get a few. Why in the world would the teachers put a short little girl in the back? (notice the boy in front of her is her same height, and his head kept getting in my pictures, thanks Brennen)
The fifth grade sang one Christmas song and then did a song about the "fifty nifty United States", since they are studying US History. 50 of the students were to hold up a poster with a state as it was sang about in the song. Emily was "Massachusetts." That's as high as she could hold the poster or it would've covered her face.

Singing her heart out!

The first grade went first, even before the kindergarten. Ali was right in front and on the side I was sitting on. Here she is waving as she noticed where I was.

Belting it out!

They sang a really cute song about santa coming and I caught her just as they turned to face me! Notice how excited she is to be singing : )

This cute video is the song about santa. I thought the motions were funny and wanted to capture part of it for future blackmail!

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