Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve fun

Today was a fantastic day leading up to Christmas. Even though it was freezing cold, the kids enjoyed the little bit of snow on the ground being pulled on the sleds behind their 4 wheeler. They spent several hours with few breaks in between to come in the house and warm up.
Lindsay was the driver, most of the time. Jace and Baylie were the first to go.
All bundled up and ready to go!

Kenna, Jace and Ali waiting for another turn.

Switching the sled for an inner-tube. (they said it was more fun this way)

Ali being a goofball! Notice Emily trying to keep Baylie warm? The power was out for 2 hours during their afternoon of playing in the snow. We had to keep telling them to be in or out to keep the door closed and the heat in.

When I was a young girl, we had a tradition of having hoagie sandwiches and egg nog for Christmas eve dinner. I've carried on that same tradition and added a few other yummy foods as well. Little smokies, pineapple cheese ball, guacamole..... it all adds up to full bellies! Would it even be Christmas eve without good food?

Kenna, Jace, Baylie and Emily enjoying the food!

Lindsay, getting her sandwich just the way she likes it!

After dinner, we head to the family room where Chris reads from Luke 2, the story of Christ's birth.

Finally, we have the tradition of opening new Christmas eve jammies!

Checking them out.

Posing in their new jammies. I think I took about 10 different pictures and Jace wasn't looking at me in any of them : ) Gotta love him!

Goofy face time!

Now, there off to bed where they are all having a sleep over in Lindsay's room. I think that's to ensure that we won't have to wait for any late sleepers in the morning!

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  1. I LOVE Christmas traditions! We are all in our new pj's as well. I didn't even think about taking the four wheeler on the lawn. Hailee saw snow today, and she was ready to go be pulled. We figured there wasn't enough snow. Well, now I know it can be done. Have a Merry Christmas!