Monday, December 21, 2009

Piano Recital

Last evening Makenna and Lindsay had their Christmas piano recital. It's always fun to go and listen to them play. It seems different to hear them at a recital than it is to hear them practicing at home, I don't know if it's the nerves or what. They each played two pieces, Makenna's were "O Holy Night" and "Christmas Bells." She practiced really hard and even though her teacher didn't think she'd have Christmas Bells ready, she did great! Lindsay performed, "Still, Still, Still" and "Mountain Air." She worked super hard as well, I have a little easier time with getting her to practice than I do Makenna.
The two of them after the recital.

This picture was taken after the recital as well, however, this one depicts their true attitudes about playing!

I'm very proud of each of them for the effort they put into developing this talent. Even though Makenna isn't so happy about playing and wishes she could quit, I know one day she'll be happy that I made her suffer through. Nice job girls, it was great hearing you play, you both do so well in front of others, keep up the good work!


  1. I remember taking piano lessons and always hating it. My mom always told me we would thank her when we got older. I actually am thankful I took piano lessons. Who do your girls take from? Don't tell anyone my piano playing secret either. I have lost a lot of my skill, so I wouldn't be that good even if they asked me to play.

  2. Good job girls! I was thinking how much Lindsay looks like you when you were that age! Maybe its the hair. They're both terrific girls!

  3. your girls could play the piano for Haley when she plays her violin--that would be super!