Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ward Christmas party

This past weekend, we had our ward Christmas party. Baylie's cute little sunbeam class was asked to dress up for the nativity. It was so cute to see all the little kids reenact the Saviors birth. We all had a great time with good food, caroling and of course, a special visitor. Here Baylie is dressed up as one of the shepherds. Smile Baylie!
Baylie asked Santa for a doll.

Ali just wasn't sure what she wanted, but she looked cute sitting on his lap!

Emily thought she was getting a bit too big to sit on his lap. Just check out the look on her face.

Jace asked santa for a candy cane, which he happily received when he was done talking to him, such an easy kid to please.

The ward party was a fun evening and we were glad we got to attend. Chris had to leave early to go get his beads he earned from wood badge. Congrats Chris on earning those beads!

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  1. I forgot my camera at the party, but I went to the mall today to get pictures on Santa's lap. The people let us take our own pictures for free. How on earth are they going to make their money off of the 25.99 picture packages:) I like how santa's hand was up in most of your pictures.