Friday, December 4, 2009

Cookies with Jace

This afternoon, Jace and I were watching "barney" and they were singing a song that said something like, "looky, looky here's a cookie, cookie" and afterwards he kept singing just that part. A few minutes later, I was on facebook and noticed that one of my nieces was making cookies. Baylie had fallen asleep a few hours earlier on the living room floor, so I suggested to Jace that he and I go make chocolate chip cookies. The excitement on his face can't be put into words. He quickly went to the apron drawer and pulled out one of his sisters aprons and asked me to help him tie it on. My little baker. I would measure out the ingredients and he would dump them into the mixer. Good thing I was done with the 1/4 cup at this point(licking the sugar out). He even licked the measuring spoon after we had put the baking soda in, he didn't like that so much.
Making sure the dough tastes good.
Ever so carefully dropping the dough onto the cookie sheet. He did surprisingly well.

Waiting for the cookies to be done. He really couldn't contain himself. Notice he is still wearing the apron (yes, it's pink & yellow)

The finished product! But he was waiting to get the second pan into the oven. He had to do the dough, again.

YUMMY!! They taste as good as they look! This was such a fun few moments that I got to spend alone with Jace. These opportunities are very rare and it's one that I won't soon forget! He had me laughing with his excitement to help and we couldn't get all the ingredients in the mixer fast enough. He is such a cute boy! Love him!


  1. You are such a good mom, and Jayce is such a cute kid!

  2. Yummy!! Yep, the twins watched that Barney episode to!!! But I wasn't as motivated as you to make cookies! ha! ;) Cute pics!