Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our favorite Christmas treat

A couple of years ago while I was visiting teaching my friend Brooke, she has some of these fantastic little treats on her counter. I asked her about them and ever since, it's been our families favorite Christmas treat (although you could make them whenever) Each December, my kids start begging to make these yummy little chocolate pretzels. They are way less work than chocolate covered and taste just as great! We made a batch last night that I was able to take to the ladies I go visiting teaching to and Emily made another batch tonight, which she shared with some neighbors. They consist of a small pretzel (I've only been able to find the correct size at winco), a Hershey kiss and a m&m.
Over the course of the month, we will probably make about 500-600 of these little treats. They take very little time and everyone seems to enjoy them.


  1. Oh I love these! I had forgotten about them and this makes me want to go get the supplies and have the kids help me make some! Yum!

    Makenna is gorgeous! Your ward party looks like fun, I love nativities. And Santa. And I LOVE that you got to bake cookies with Jace. His smiles are priceless and make that extra effort to have one-on-one time SO worth it! You're such a good mom. Happy Holidays!

  2. I've made so many batches of these this year so far! We've made them with Rolo's too (super yummy!), and also with hugs (which melt a lot faster, but are my favorite.) Just a reminder that the piano recital is Sunday night at 7, in the RS room in my church. If you want to bring a treat to share, that would be fine, but if not, that's ok too =) There will be 8 girls performing so it should be nice and short. Talk to you later! ~Alexa