Friday, December 11, 2009

Totally "sweet" cell project

Emily was given a science project assignment which was due yesterday. Each student had to make a model of an animal cell. Okay, so I've done this project twice before with Lindsay and Makenna, the only difference is that they were in Jr. high and Emily is only in the 5th grade. I'm sure she'll have to do it again in 7th. We have usually gotten a styrofoam ball and cut it half using buttons, ribbon, pom poms, and whatever else we can find to represent the parts of the cell. This time, I had the fantastic idea of making it out of a sugar cookie, frosting and all different candies. So, off I went to the bulk section of winco to get a few different types of candy, I took the picture with me so I would have something to go by. As Chris and I were finishing up our Christmas shopping Wednesday evening, Emily with the help of her older sisters got to putting our "cell" together. They did a fantastic job and I'm happy to report WE got 100% on this project.
Way to go girls! This was much funner to do than old styrofoam ball and it tasted great too!


  1. I am so glad you are posting your kids projects on your blog. It gives me ideas for later down the road with Hailee. Your cell looked delicious. Great idea!! I'm glad you are enjoying the pretzel treats as well. I totally forgot about making those. Thank you for the reminder again:) I'm going to message you on facebook now.

  2. We've done this project twice already. Yours looks good!