Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mexican Riviera Cruise - SO FUN!

We had the great opportunity of taking the family on a cruise. We had originally planned it for spring break but we got an exceptional deal so we took the kids out of school for the week and headed to LA to depart on a 7 night mexican riviera cruise. We were lucky to be able to have my parents go too. We left on Nov.8 and returned on the 15th. Here is our home away from home during that week : Royal Caribbeans Mariner of the Seas! (picture taken in Cabo as we passed it on our excursion) Lots of behind the scene things happen to make sure everyone has a fabulous time! Here are some watermelons, fruit flowers and an ice sculpture we found in one of the dining areas as we arrived on the ship. To say how elaborate everything was really can't describe the reality.
One of our favorite spots, the pool. In the center was a live band which performed all afternoon everyday!

Here we are getting ready to pull away from San Pedro harbor in LA

Chris and Lindsay as we leave. Notice the other ship behind them.

Off we go on our adventure!


  1. Wow!! Love the pictures! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!! How does the cruise compare to just flying to Mexico, or a trip to Disneyland? Would you do it again?

  2. WOWWW!!! Looks like so much FUN!! I'm so jealous. What fun memories. You seriously have the most gorgeous family. I'm sure people were staring at you the whole time! Lots of gorgeous blonds. Love all the photos, so glad you got to go have some fun and enjoy those warm sandy beaches!