Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cruise - Day 5&6 at SEA

Days 5-6 were spent at sea heading back to LA. This is our fantastic waiter Cornel, he was from Romania, with mom. Say cheese!Jace and grandpa with the lion at the end of our hallway.
Two of these last days were spent doing a lot of ice skating. We were able to watch an ice show but no pictures were allowed to be taken during the show. It was an amazing show! We all loved it! Lindsay and Kenna turning the corner!

Ali spent A LOT of time falling but loved every second of it! Lindsay gave her the title of "professional ice faller" which she thought was awesome! She was the one who never wanted to get off the ice! Lindsay helping her up, again.

Emily with a nice grin! Havin' a ball!

Jace wasn't so sure of the ice skating and didn't last long at all. He's hanging on the Kenna for dear life, and wanted her to carry him. Lindsay and Emily watch.

Lindsay, Emily and Baylie! Cute sisters.

Chris trying to help Jace, he still didn't like it and got off at this point, I think he might be crying in the picture.

Kenna and Emily chillin' out in on of the port hole windows. Such a beautiful view of the ocean.

Mom and dad, not sure what mom was looking at. Cute couple and we were so glad they were with us.

Three cute kids waiting to watch one of the 3 parades that went down the "promenade" during the week! This one was a fairy tale parade.

Goofing around and the dinner table. Jace proudly puts his napkin on his head!

Baylie and I got caught coming out of the restroom : )

Captain Johnny! Everyday he would announce "good morning, good morning, this is captain Johnny speaking to you from the bridge!" Cracked us up! We couldn't understand a word he was saying other than that. He is from Norway.

We all had a great time and enjoyed the fantastic 90 degree weather Mexico had to offer. It was so fun to get to spend time together and enjoy each other as well as grandma and grandpa. We are blessed to be a family! This is a vacation we won't soon forget! We are all looking forward to another!

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