Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cruise - next stop, Mazatlan Day 3

When we arrived in Mazatlan, our plan was to head to the beach and hang out! Lindsay had the opportunity to parasail, grandma taught the kids to body surf, and we rented a couple of wave runners. (camera battery died, so pictures of us on wave runners. A real bummer because Jace is obsessed with them and had a fantastic time)
Lindsay all harnessed up and ready to take off! She's trying to understand this mexican telling her what to do ; ) Her take off video is at the end. Grandma showing the kids how to body surf! Way to go mom!
Makenna's attempt, notice she's behind the wave? She just missed it, but they did catch on! Grandma to the far right, Lindsay holding Baylie, Emily in the middle and Chris holding Jace and Ali. The water couldn't have been more perfect! We all loved just hanging around swimming in the warm water.

Emily and Lindsay!

Makenna getting up from a body surfing attempt. SO FUN!

Getting ready to head in! SMILE GIRLS!

Lindsay's parasailing take off video.

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