Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cruise - Day 1 at SEA

Our first day on the cruise, we found ourselves exploring the massive ship! There were so many things to do and see, it's hard to describe! The 3 little kids went to the "adventure ocean" to play. That's a glorified word for babysitting. They had tons of activities, art and games for the kids! The rest of us found other things to keep us busy. Chris, dad, Lindsay and Emily playing miniature golf. More miniature golf!
And still, golf!

Mom found a nice lounge chair to sit and read!
Kenna and I were the most adventurous and went to the rock climbing wall. This was a huge rock wall, it had 6 different ways up. I can proudly say, I made it to the top and rang the bell. Kenna can't say the same, but according to Chris who went later in the week, my course was easy and hers wasn't. It let me know just how out of shape I'm in, as it seriously kicked my butt!

Here I am making my way to the top, Kenna is a little lower and to the right just starting her way up.

This dolphin was all over the ship so we had to get a picture. Lindsay has many pictures with him, I think he had a crush on her : )

My five cute girls overlooking the "promenade" at the end of our hallway. This was seriously a huge ship! Along the promenade are shops, a deli, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and tons of things to see!

On this day, the sports crew planned a family scavenger hunt. We signed up along with about 10 other families. We were given questions about the ship and crew that we had to find the answers to all around the ship. We couldn't use elevators or run. Jace couldn't keep up and Chris didn't want to carry him up and down all the flights of stairs so they quit and it was just me and the girls! GAME ON!!!
I will proudly announce "THE JACKSONS ROCK!" That's right, we came in first place, here we are showing off our gold medals!

Another favorite thing was the hot tub and pools. Surprisingly, I don't have a picture of any of the kids on here with ice cream. There was a self serve soft ice cream place and my kids were ALWAYS eating it. One after another!

Grandpa wrapping a towel around Baylie after a swim.

We had two formal nights in the dining room. Getting dressed up for the dining room wasn't my favorite thing, but the food was sure fantastic!
First formal night, day one. Jace wasn't too thrilled either.

Second formal night day 5.
The whole clan

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