Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cruise - First stop, Cabo San Lucas - Day 2

Our first port was Cabo San Lucas! Beautiful turquoise waters, warm temps, and again, yummy food! Lindsay, Makenna and my dad went on a different excursion so we have no pics of them at this port. We had booked an excursion called "the semi sub." This was a submarine looking boat, but it never left the surface of the water. We crawled down inside, which took us to 8 feet below and it went to different parts of Cabo. Here is the "yellow submarine" with Emily and Ali. Jace and I inside the submarine. Good thing it was air conditioned, it was roasting outside!
Just a few of the beautiful marine life we saw from the windows!

Cabo's famous arch at Land's end. That's where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet. It's the last form of land (actually rock) along Baja California!

Lover's beach! They say on the other side it's called divorce beach.

After our submarine excursion, we walked along the pier, ate at solomons landing (another yummy restaurant we found last Nov.) and shopped ! Chris and Jace, I just loved this picture!

We stopped at looked at what was on the menu at Lorenzillo's lobster bar. Tons of live lobster! Which one should I choose?

We had a fabulous day in Cabo and at this point were looking forward to the other ports of call!

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