Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Spooktacular" Halloween!

We have had a fun filled week of Halloween activities. The anticipation of the big day is usually bigger than the day itself, at our house anyway. On Wednesday evening, Baylie and Ali were invited to a friends Halloween party. Thursday afternoon was the BIG "spooktacular" at the elementary school. Tonight was our ward "trunk or treat" (I forgot the camera for that) and then Lindsay drove the little ones to grandma Jacksons and they walked the cul de sac on our road trick or treating. Here is "butterfly" Baylie before the big party at Brinley's house!

This is Ali, our "she-devil" right before the party. (We really do know she's an angel)

The costume parade at the school.

Jace even got to be in the parade with Emily.
I snapped this shot in Emily's classroom right before I let them loose to go through the school to all the different classrooms to play games. Every year, each class is to find a game or something that the kids can do. They sell tickets for a week or so before hand and whatever tickets the classes earn, that money stays in the class room for that teacher to use. Emily's teacher did a candy store, which I helped with. Ali's teacher sold cotton candy. I heard a couple of the kids in Emily's class ask Mrs. Brian (her teacher) if they could go on a field trip with their money.

It has been our tradition for many years now to have pizza for dinner on Halloween night. Lindsay is enjoying it! Too bad, she's too old to trick or treat! Although the little kids were very generous with their "loot".
Ali, Baylie and Emily (our midnight princess) getting ready to go trick or treating.

What a cute bunch of kids (and puppy too)! Still smiling as it's early in the evening.

Baylie with her "loot" after the ward "trunk or treat"

Jace with his "stash" minus the sucker that's in his mouth! I really don't think he ate anything but candy all day long. He kept bringing his "trick or treat" bag to me during the day and saying "trick or treat" and of course I'd put a candy in, who could resist the cutest dragon ever?
The weather cooperated very nicely, the forecast was saying snow all week long but surprisingly it was very warm and only light jackets were needed : ) It was a spooktacular, I mean spectacular Halloween!


  1. Cute pictures of your family! I love their costumes. I forgot my camera at the spooktacular, but it would have been one more thing with all of the chaos. I now know what everyone meant when they kept telling me how crazy it would be:) See you at church today:) Maybe I should bring my camera and sit behind you today:)

  2. What a cute bunch of little spooks! They all look so cute. Glad you had a good Halloween! You're a cute mom to go everywhere and do everything with them. They are lucky kids! And I love Jace's football cake. Hard to believe he's 3!

  3. Everyone looks so cute! I love the butterfly! Glad you guys had such a great Halloween!