Saturday, October 3, 2009

Elk, moose and bears...... Oh my!

We took the opportunity to go to Bear World this afternoon in between conference sessions. We didn't quite make it back for the afternoon session but the kids (mostly the little ones) had a great time, and it was fun to do something as a family. I must mention that I worked this morning too, so I apologize for the way their hair is done, or not done. : ) Right inside the doors of the gift shop there is a big stuffed bear. I couldn't pass up this photo op. Notice Lindsay's half-hearted smile?
They have a sign saying how "rare" this white albino elk is. When we drove a little further, I noticed there was another. So the question arose, how "rare" can they be?
Just a big Ol' moose lying around waiting for me to come take his picture.

This bear was about 7-8 feet from our car. We were driving behind one of the trucks that have people in it feeding the bears so we saw a ton of bear, up close and personal. There was a black bear that if I would've rolled down the window, I could have touched him. He was right up against the car and the people who work there in their "caged" cars had to come move him so we could continue. Jace thought this was the coolest!

Some of my cute kids "posing" as bears! ROOOAAARRR!!!!!! Don't they look mean?

Baylie, Emily and Kenna petting a deer in the petting zoo. Jace was hilarious! He kept chasing after the chickens trying to catch one. Obviously they didn't let him, but he never stopped trying.

We even enjoyed a few of the rides they have to offer. Lindsay and Kenna were good sports and would take the little ones on the rides.

Baylie snuggling into Lindsay on the roller coaster!

Kenna and Jace with Emily and Ali on the roller coaster.

The blueberry drop was a favorite. My kids love that "tickle your tummy" feeling! Lindsay, Emily, Kenna (is she texting, I think so...) Ali, Jace and Chris.
We had fun family time with perfect weather! This is the second time we've taken the kids here and they have loved it both times. Thanks everyone for a great afternoon!


  1. That looks like a blast! I love that you guys always have so much fun together. We need to take our kids there, I bet they would love it too. I didn't realize Bear World also had so many rides! The blueberry drop looks fun! And your kids school pictures are DARLING! You have such a BEAUTIFUL family!

  2. Looks like fun! Last weekend Z103 was doing half price car admissions to Bear World, so I asked my 3 youngest kids (everyone else was gone) if they wanted to go, and they wanted to go to the farmers market, and Sam's Club instead... how weird is that?!