Saturday, October 10, 2009

He did it!!

We have been working on getting Jace potty trained for the past week. On day one, we went to the store to purchase a toy of his choice, for when he was finished, some new underwear (his choice) and a treat (his choice) to give him anytime he went potty in the toilet. Day one was pretty eventful and he was sooooo excited about the remote control tractor that he chose as his big reward. He did a fantastic job, on going pee in the toilet. He had a total of 3 "wet" accidents in day one and two. After that, he seemed to have that part down! The other however, has been my nightmare! Finally, after 8 grueling days of begging and pleading, on my part, he went #2 in the potty! We were all sooooo excited that we did a dance, called everyone upstairs to celebrate the BIG event and at this point, I was just trying to get him to go that I told him he could have his tractor if he would just go! So far, so good! We haven't had any accidents now for 2 days! Here he is with his "BIG" reward! WAY TO GO JACE

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  1. Now I see what you were saying about the price of the school photos. What a rip off knowing what I can get from JC Penneys. So do they still take your kids photos just to put in the yearbook, or do you have to purchase something to get your picture in the yearbook. I know totally lame question, but I don't know these things yet:) We LOVE bear world. It looked like you all had a good time. And good job with the potty training. You are done with diapers.