Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter dresses a week early

I had started buying Easter dresses a few months ago, before I realized that Easter was going to fall on Conference weekend. I had only 3 purchased when I realized it and thought, great I don't have to buy the other 3. Anyway, that was my plan until Makenna was at the mall with me and found a cute skirt that she wanted and one for Lindsay. I thought, well, then they can just all wear their new "Easter" dresses the week before. Here we are trying to get a few pictures, it was cold and windy even though the sun was shining. Jace never did get a new Sunday outfit. But, when I got 3 of the girls their dresses, I also got him a polo and a pair of shorts. That morning when he realized the girls were wearing their Easter dresses, he asked if he could wear his too. I told him he didn't have an Easter dress or any dress for that matter. He informed me very matter of factly, that he did to. He came in wearing his polo shirt and shorts. I told him it was too cold for the shorts but if he would put his cream colored vest over the polo, that would be fine. Needless to say, the vest was out of the question. He's dang cute anyway : )
Baylie (notice, everyone is squinting, as the sun was so bright. Too bad it didn't make things warm)





Me and Chris (no, we didn't get new outfits, just haven't had our picture taken together in awhile, and the kids love taking pictures, so we posed.)

We had to move the pictures inside to stay out of the sun and wind. The kids cooperated much better and it went way faster!

Happy Easter everyone, a week early : ) (even though I posted it after)


  1. You really do have a good looking family! Every time I see a family picture of yours it reminds me of my family pictures growing up. Five girls, one boy:) I hope you are enjoying your April snow day:)

  2. Darling! You have such a gorgeous family! You got some great photos, bright sun and all. Love all those new spring clothes. You and Chris look great too!

  3. So cute,love the dresses on the girls! Easter was freezing,the twins never did get to wear their Easter outfits at all!:( I hate Easter in Idaho!!!