Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Once the bigger kids leave for school in the mornings, it's sometimes just hard to find things to do with Baylie and Jace. The while ago we were at the dollar store and found some cute puzzles. I had forgotten about them actually until Baylie got one out and wanted to put it together. Baylie put hers together without any help from me. Jace soon grabbed one and joined her, although his was a joint effort, with me. Here he goes...
Baylie reaching over to help Jace.

Puzzles complete! Way to go guys!

This was a quiet morning and I was glad we had these puzzles to keep them busy for a while. They put together a third later on. Baylie was great, once she figured out one, she just kept putting it together over and over again. They were excited to show big sisters when they got home from school!


  1. Puzzles are all fun and games at our house... at least for the first little while. It doesn't take long before Hailee hides pieces in every spot in my house. I guess putting the puzzles together makes for a nice morning and finding the pieces all afternoon makes for a great mystery! I still can't believe Jace will be the lone kid at home next school year!

  2. What a fun day!! They are the cutest and can really pose for the camera!!!