Friday, April 16, 2010

He asked....

Last night about 9, Lindsay realized we were out of bread and she wouldn't have any for a sandwich in her lunch today. I quickly made a short list and sent her and Chris to the store. When they returned, about 45 minutes later, Chris noticed something in the yard and wondered what was up. Lindsay grabbed the groceries and headed in the house and Chris went to investigate. He came in and told Lindsay, "it's for you." The few of us that were still awake ran to see what was up. (keep in mind it was 9:50pm and was dark, I had Kenna grab a flashlight so I could capture the moment) Here is what we found....

I really wanted her to leave it all so I could take better pictures in the morning but Chris said if there was any moisture, the signs would get ruined and and Hershey kisses would be yucky! We were all pretty giddy about her being asked out for the first time since she's turned 16.
Here she is with all the signs together (they were spread throughout the lawn and she had to follow them) after she brought them in.

The big dance is May 8th. We now have to find a clever way to answer him, any suggestions are appreciated! There is much excitement in our house in anticipation of the big day, we stayed up talking for quite awhile brainstorming ways to answer, what to wear etc. I hope my family didn't mind a 10pm text announcing my excitement : )


  1. That is so exciting! I will call you later with some ideas on how people answered me, or how I answered them.

  2. Lindsay and Chris must have come home right after they put it out, cause Kayden was driving (they all asked their dates last night) and said they saw a red truck coming, so they hurried and peeled out. Should be fun! Good group of kids =)

  3. Oh how exciting! Can't wait to hear how she decides to answer him!

  4. Yay for Lindsay! Nice to see some boys with good taste in Idaho Falls! :)