Friday, April 9, 2010

Water Park FUN

This past weekend was the end of spring break. We took the opportunity to head north to Kellogg and the Silver Mountain Resort. It's a big ski resort that also has an indoor water park, and my kids LOVE water parks. It was a nice 6 hour drive but it was a scenic drive so it didn't seem too bad. Here is a view of the resort from the road Right in front is where the gondola's take skiers to the top of the mountain
Baylie and Jace sitting on the steps of the "warm springs." It's a big hot tube that's really just warm water. They do have regular 'hot' hot tubs too.

A view of part of the park, Emily is just heading up the stairs to go down another water slide.

A better view of the park.

This park has a flo rider, which Makenna, Lindsay, Chris and I all participated in. It was sooo much fun. Chris tried surfing as well as boogie boarding.
Here's Makenna.....

Now, I know this is a horrible picture of me. However, Kenna snapped it just as I was airborne going over the wave and onto the flo rider, so I just had to post it. Me and the girls were a little nervous about going but once I went, I couldn't believe how easy it actually was. We were seeing people wipe out and get thrust back to the top, none of that happened to any of us girls, I can't say the same for Chris : ) The water is running at 35 MPH.

Taking my turn


And, Chris

They have a little kid area too. It's for kids 42" and under. There are 2 little slides for them. Here are Baylie and Jace getting ready to 'race' down.

Kenna and Lindsay coming out of two of the water slides. They had a great time racing each other down as well.

Everyone had a great time in the lazy river as well. Once Baylie and Jace figured out that with life vests on, they could "swim" on their own, it was hard to get them out. Here is Lindsay, Kenna and Emily. Chris is behind them with Jace and Baylie, not looking.

Obstacle course. All the kids had a great time trying to get across without falling in. Emily got to the point where she didn't have to hold on above, and could run across! This is Emily, Ali and Kenna waiting to join them.

Baylie and Jace, in the 'spray' area.

Baylie and Jace taking time out to pose for a picture. They're so cute!

Me and Baylie behind the waterfall in the "warm springs."

There was one of the tube rides which was a 'family' tube ride, meaning 4 people could go on at a time. This was a favorite of all of ours. Emily was leery about it at first and it wasn't until day 2 in the park that she would actually go on it with us. Emily loved it, even Baylie and Jace loved it!
Here are 4 of my girls, Kenna, Emily, Lindsay and Ali coming off.

The whole gang standing in front of the 'moose sluice' family raft ride sign.

This was such a fantastic weekend getaway with the family. We all had a great time and the water park was even better than we had imagined. There are a total of 5 big slides, 2 little ones, a lazy river, a BB hoop pool, obstacle course, flo rider, spray area, 2 hot tubs and 1 "warm springs." It was nice to get away from the cold and snow and spend time together swimming in the 82 degree water park!! We're already looking forward to going with cousins!!


  1. Oh my gosh! What a BLAST!!! Looks like you all had some serious fun! We're definitely going to have to plan a trip there. Wow! Very cute pictures.

  2. That place looks awesome! I'm glad you guys had such a great time.

  3. That flo rider looks like so much fun!! What a great place. I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before--glad you "discovered" it! Great pics!

  4. Ok, I SOO cannot wait to get to go to that place,it looked SO fun!!!:)