Friday, April 23, 2010

New 'do'

Last Saturday, Emily asked if I would trim her hair. Well, first of all, I hate to trim her hair... it's way too thick with lots of natural wave and curl. Reluctantly, I said ok. I butchered her poor hair but was able to make it look half-way decent for church on Sunday. I told her that on Monday after school, I would take her and have someone who knew what they were doing fix it. So we ran into a hair salon and I explained to the lady that she needed to fix my disaster of a trim job. I had already made it shorter than Emily wanted but she was nice enough and said she would try and just even it out without taking off much more length.
Her hair turned out super cute, she had to stack it, which Emily has had before. She was also kind enough to thin her hair out and said that would need to be kept up on. I think next time, we'll have it thinned even more. A view from the back
I have been trying to talk Emily back into a 'stack' for a while and she would always say 'no.' I think it makes her look a little older too. She is very happy with it and this post will remind me to 'stay away from the scissors' when it comes to Emily's hair.


  1. I love Emily's new haircut! I got to see how cute it was in person at activity days the other night.

  2. I'll be home in a couple of weeks. Can I thin it for her while I'm there? I think a little will go a long way. It will make it more manageable for both of you as well.

  3. That's so funny. I've done the same thing to Lexi's hair and had to take her and have it rescued! Emily's hair turned out super cute! I love it! It does make her look older.