Friday, April 30, 2010

Waiting on his blanket

The other night I found Jace in the laundry room waiting for his favorite blanket to come out of the dryer. It was priceless! This cute boy won't go to bed without it. Chris had been out mowing the lawn and apparently had gotten grass on it when he came in the house. I guess he picked Jace up and had grass all over himself and transferred it to the blanket. Makenna took the blanket and tried to get the grass stains out of the blanket and then threw it in the dryer for Jace. You can also take note that Jace is holding his cup of chocolate milk, which is another must for him at bedtime. He stood there watching his "gunka" (what he calls this particular blanket) until it came out. He did hear me at one point and turned to actually pose, and tell me what happened to his blanket.
I wish I would have snapped another shot of him getting his gunka out of the dryer and how happy he was when he realized how warm it was! He is such a funny but very cute kid! We love him, quirks and all.

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