Saturday, April 24, 2010

An afternoon of Gymnastics!

This past Wednesday, we had another field trip with Baylie's pre-school to the Elite gymnastics center. It was a super fun afternoon with a lot of different things for the kids to do! Jace wasn't sure he wanted to participate, at first! Once we got in there, he was like the energizer bunny, going from one thing to the next!
Here's Baylie getting ready to jump on one of the trampolines. Jace on the rope swing above the pit. This was a favorite of all the kids!
Jace would climb to the top of this platform and jump about 7 feet into the pit. Here he is hanging from the high bar, getting ready to fall into it. One of the moms asked how old he was and when I said, "3," she wondered why I wasn't more concerned with his jumping off the platform. I said, he really wasn't afraid of much and he was just jumping into foam blocks.

I'm not sure what this is but a few of the kids brought it over and put it into the pit. Jace crawled through and I thought it was cute when he stuck his head out.

Baylie took a turn on the high bar as well.

Baylie on the rope swing...

Jace couldn't lift himself up on the rings but he enjoyed trying.

Baylie took a turn walking the balance beam

Playing in the pit of foam blocks, Baylie and Jace had a blast!

Trying to bury themselves

Here's Baylie with her teacher, Mrs. Grover. She has had so much fun in pre-school this year and that credit has to go to Mrs. Grover. Mrs. Grover spent the entire time playing with the kids in the pit, jumping on the trampolines with them, taking pictures of them, and showing them tricks from her former gymnastic days.

This was such a great field trip, all the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We are grateful to have such a wonderful teacher for Baylie and are sad that it's almost over. I know she is looking forward to kindergarten but we will always remember the days with Mrs. Grover in pre-school, and look forward to 2011 when Jace can join her pre-school! Jace didn't want to leave the gym and he kept asking for "one more time on....," and after about 10 one more times, I took the poor boy out kicking and crying. Thanks again Mrs. Grover for such a fun afternoon!


  1. I really need to take my kids there sometime. It looks like it would be a lot of fun and a great way to burn energy.

  2. That looks like a FUN place! Your kids are so cute. Fun memories!

  3. Looks like you need to get Jace into gymnastics!

  4. So cute! I've taken the twins to that place on Thurs. before they have an open gym from like 10-12 thurs. so the kids can just run free, it's like $3 a kid or something. Nicoles gone before to.