Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bowling with Baylie (and Jace)

This morning we had the opportunity to go bowling with Baylie and the rest of the kids at her Pre-school. It was such a fun morning and they had a great time. Jace was a little timid at first and said he wasn't going to bowl but after a few minutes, he decided to give it a try.
Here are two of my cute kids in between turns. Here is Baylie getting her ball...
getting into position......

and away it rolls! She even bowled 1 spare!

Jace getting his ball.

Notice the ball hasn't made it all the way down the lane in this picture. Neither of them could roll it very hard and we waited a few minutes for the ball to get back, every time.
Here they are just hangin' out waiting....
Baylie and a group of her pre-school friends were super silly! There was a lot of hugging and dancing and playing on the floor while they were waiting for their turn to bowl.
Here's Baylie and Isabella (Izzi) giving each other hugs. They also took turns picking each other up!

Here they are dancing and playing ring a round the rosie (never a dull moment)!

Here Baylie is with Izzi, Bracken, Abbey and McKinley, it must've been after they "all fell down!"

Peace out! (I'm thinking she learned this pose from Kenna)

Jace and I had a great time with Baylie and her pre-school friends. I can't believe that her pre-school days are almost over, we have loved her teacher, Mrs. Grover. She has taught Baylie so much this past year and has always had really fun things planned for the kids. We are having quite a few field trips as the year comes to an end, last week we went to the movies, and next week we get to go do gymnastics! Thanks Mrs. Grover for such a fun day!


  1. I love bowling. That would be fun to do together. Baylie and Jace look like it was the greatest day ever!!

  2. I feel bad I haven't taken my kids bowling yet. I guess I need to get over the fact that all bowling ball finger holes will be disgusting. It looks like you had a great time:)

  3. They are darling! Looks like lots of fun. Love the granny shots! Sounds like Ali has a great teacher. Hard to believe it's getting towards the end of the year! All those end of the year field trips are so fun.