Sunday, April 18, 2010

She answered...

It took quite a few ideas to narrow it down to one, and actually, we combined 2 ideas to come up with Lindsay's answer. Thanks to Dr. Sparks for these ideas!! First, we went and got a puzzle and some alphabet stickers. We put the puzzle together and flipped it over and spelled, 'out of all the fish in the sea, thanks for choosing me.' YES! Lindsay. The reason for the 'fish in the sea' saying is due to the fact that we got a finding nemo puzzle.
Next we took a garbage bag and filled it up with popcorn... Baylie and Jace were her right hand men, loving every second of it!

Lindsay then dumped all the puzzle pieces into the garbage bag and shook the bag up, mixing in the puzzle pieces with the popcorn.

Finally, we put the puzzle box on top of the popcorn, tied up the bag and attached this note.

We put the puzzle box on top so he would think how simple it was going to be, however, it shouldn't have taken him long to realize the puzzle box was empty. He would have to dump out all the popcorn to find the pieces, put it together and turn it over. We thought this was a fun idea and hope he did too. Next step? Dress shopping : )


  1. That's cute! It must have taken him forever! Have fun shopping for a dress. Circle of Love here in Rexburg has super cute modest dresses! (just in case)

  2. Very cute idea! I'm going to have to come to you in a few years when we are at this stage for ideas!