Monday, March 29, 2010

Baylie turns 5

On the 25th of March was Baylie's 5th birthday!! She is normally a late sleeper, except on days when I have to get her up for pre-school, but by 7:30, my birthday girl came bounding up the stairs! She was so excited for her birthday this year. She wanted a waffle for breakfast and I was happy to oblige. We put a candle in it and sang to her for the first time that morning. After she ate, she wanted her toes painted and again, birthday girls get their way. She was insistent about wearing flip flops to pre-school to show off her toes, even though it was a bit cold.
It was so hard for her to wait until everyone got home from school and dad got home from work to have the real celebration start. She chose to go to chuck-a-rama for her birthday dinner. She didn't remember the name of the restaurant, she just told me the place where she can get as many 'slushies' as she wanted. Here she is with a birthday brownie the waitress brought for her. They even sang to her! (funny thing, she didn't want to go to Red Robin, like Emily because they would sing to her)

After dinner we came home to unwrap her presents and eat cake! Baylie saw her gifts sitting on the piano bench all day and was such a good sport about waiting until after dinner!


I just had to put this picture of Jace in here. He was so excited every time Baylie would open a gift. He would clap and laugh, it was so cute! You would think it was his birthday!! He did take it upon himself to 'hand' all the gifts to her, so maybe he just thought they were all from him?

A girl with my own taste! A cheesecake name desire ice cream cake from cold stone!! Although, we were all so full from dinner, we didn't eat the cake that night so we got to enjoy her birthday cake for the next few days : )

Baylie is getting to be such a big girl, seems like yesterday when we brought her home and now this fall, she'll be leaving me during the day for kindergarten! She is a sweet girl who loves to help me set the table and put the clothes in the washer and dryer!! We love having her in our home!! Happy Birthday, baby girl!! Love you

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  1. She is adorable! My goodness you guys have had a lot of birthdays at your house lately! Fun times for you guys! Happy 5 Baylie!