Saturday, March 13, 2010

Golden Birthday

Emily celebrated her 11th birthday on the 11th of March. She had a great day, I took treats into her class at school, snickers bars and capri sun drinks. She chose to have her birthday dinner at Red Robin. Here she is during her happy birthday song from the waiters and waitresses. Chris is taking a picture with his phone, too.
After dinner we came home to open presents, thanks Aunt Laura for the money : ) She scored monetarily this birthday!!

She got phone calls from Grandma and Grandpa Root!

She also wanted a cold stone cake, a cheesecake named desire!! YUM YUM!

One thing about Emily is that she is always happy and has a smile for everyone!! She has a great sense of humor too! Happy birthday, Emily. You are growing to be such a beautiful young lady on the inside and out! We love you!

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  1. It's about time you updated your blog:) For some reason I didn't picture your dog looking like the one next to Jace. I guess I pictured a kick dog:) It was a really cute picture though. Happy late Birthday to Emily as well! She is a lot of fun in Activity Days. She is one of the few we don't have to tell to be quiet.