Monday, March 8, 2010

A "Red Carpet" birthday event

This past Saturday, March 6, our sweet Ali turned 7. She wanted to have a big party with friends from school so we decided to turn this into a "red carpet" event. We put on the invitation for all the girls to come dressed up to walk the red carpet. It was a good coincidence that it was the Oscars on the same weekend. It was a little frustrating when I was telling her about it and she said, "mom, what's a red carpet?" Anyway, we went with it! Here's the red carpet! As the girls would get out of their cars, I had Lindsay and Makenna outside with their camera's snapping shots of the girls. Between the two camera's they took over 150 pictures and they were fun to see. Some of the girls acted a little shy and didn't want to pose.

Baylie wanted in on the fun too!!
Strike a pose, Ali! She got a new "dress up" dress for the occasion, and her big sisters added
the make-up! Notice little Baylie in the window? She was there for most of the girls who came pictures too. We had to do 're-takes' so she wouldn't be in any of the pictures they would take home. Silly Baylie, just wanted to see what was happening outside.

Ali's turn to walk the red carpet.

Once all the girls had arrived, we quickly downloaded the pictures and sent a picture of each girl to the one hour photo center at wal-mart. The girls got to decorate a frame with rhinestones and stickers (if they wanted their name on it). Once the photos were done, Chris went to pick them up and then we put them into the frames the girls decorated for them to take home.

While waiting for the pictures, we ate pizza and then we went downstairs and played the candy bar game. This game is such a hit with all kids. We also played musical chairs, and had a slide show of all the pictures Lindsay and Makenna had taken for them to watch and use the wii to color and doodle on.

Ali opening her gifts.

She was an easy girl to please. She wanted just a homemade chocolate cake.

Here she is with all the friends that came to help her celebrate her big day. It was such a fun afternoon being able to see all the cute girls dressed up. Ali loves playing dress up so this was really fun for her too. It really didn't matter whether the girls were in dress up clothes or just their Sunday best, all of them looked so cute and had a great time together. Happy birthday sweet Ali, we love you!!!


  1. Where do you come up with all of your fun birthday party ideas? Also, I want to hear about the candy bar game. It looks like everyone had a great time. How cute!

  2. Happy Late Birthday ALI! What a fun party! Deb, you are so creative. I love this idea!