Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet 16!!!

This past Saturday, Lindsay celebrated her 16th birthday. I wanted to make a big deal out of it since I think turning 16 is a big deal. I had planned for a couple of weeks to have a surprise birthday party for her. Her best friend Avery was my accomplice. She told me who to invite and then helped me keep Lindsay out of the house while I got ready. Lindsay thought she was going to the movies but had forgotten her money, luckily and they had to come back and get it. I decorated with a few posters which were made by my friend, Nicole. I also had 16 pink roses and 16 pink balloons. Here is Avery in the middle, they played the game "signs" for hours. We ended up with 19 of Lindsay's friends to help in her celebration.
Here is the birthday girl, with Jace on her lap, and several of her male friends. Lindsay has such a great group of friends and they are always having fun whatever they do.

What could be sweeter for a sweet 16 party than a chocolate fountain? It was a huge hit with the kids!

Here's a lot of the goods we had to dip into the chocolate. I think I had way to many choices but everything I thought of sounded like it would be yummy in chocolate (what isn't really).

Here she is posing in the new sunglasses her dad and I gave her.

She requested the cookie dough delirium ice cream cake from cold stone as her birthday cake.

We took her to lunch at Red Robin. Here she is right before they sang to her.

I can't believe it's been 16 years since she came into our family!! Time has sure gone fast. Lindsay is such a delight to have in our home. She is always working hard in school and trying to be the best she can be. She makes correct choices and knows who she is! We are grateful to Heavenly Father to have sent this sweet spirit to us to raise. She really does make being a parent easy. Happy Birthday Lindsay, we love you!


  1. Wow, you really know how to throw a party! I will be coming to you in ten years for some party throwing tips:) It looks like everyone had a great time. Way to go mom!

  2. That looks like a great party! How fun for Lindsay! When is her first date? :)

  3. What a special day! I can't believe she's 16! Fun traditions, and fun party. I hope my kids turn out like yours, know who they are and have confidence in themselves. You're such a good mom!

  4. Debi! Will you throw my 23rd birthday party in August...haha. I hopefully will come back to work someday. Right now I am trying to find an internship for the summer and then who knows maybe I won't be able to find a job and maybe the doctors will let me come back to work. Thanks for your comments. Tell Lindsay to have fun and go on lots of dates!