Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting ready for Kindergarten

This past Monday was kindergarten registration. Baylie had been anticipating this for quite some time now. I called the doctors office to schedule her for a check up and to receive the required shots. She seemed fine with the whole 'shot' situation. I had been telling her for a couple of days prior, "it will feel just like a pinch." The morning of our doctors appointment, she was really nervous and very emotional. Ali had told her she would have to get the shots in her butt and she was scared. Jace, told her she was a 'loser' because she had to get shots and he didn't. Needless to say, the morning didn't start off very well. She wasn't cooperating in getting dressed and having her hair done. She was in tears all morning, telling me she wasn't going! After much debate, I won and off to the doctors we went.
Getting weight taken, 34 pounds which is the 5th percentile for kids her same age. Her anxiety was gone (mostly) at this point. Next, Tia (best nurse ever), measured her height. She is 42 inches, which is the 45th percentile.

We found our way into one of the exam rooms and waited for Dr. Baker to come. I kept telling her that he wasn't going to give her any shots, but that Tia would come back after she saw the doctor to do that. We love Dr. Baker and think he's the best! He even got Baylie to laugh a few times.
By the time it was time for shots, Baylie was feeling more confident about the situation as Dr. Baker and I told her how fast Tia would be and it would be over in no time. When Tia gave her the first shot, she looked over at me (we were holding hands) almost in shock and looked like she might cry but by then, all 4 of them were over and no tears were shed. She was such a big girl and I was so proud of her!
Showing off her band-aids! No big deal after all!

This past Monday was the big day! We headed to the elementary school to get her all signed up for kindergarten. She was so excited and wanted to get all dressed up. While I was filling out all the necessary paperwork, a lady took her away to give her a reading readiness test. The lady told me she didn't talk much but pointed while making eye contact. I sure hope she will speak up once she actually starts school. She did great on the test and the tester told her she was sure that Baylie will do 'super' in kindergarten. This brought a big smile to her face.

Outside, in front of the Rimrock Elementary school sign. Baylie is going to be a 'raptor!' Look out kindergarten, Baylie is on her way!!!


  1. What a CUTIE! Look out kindergarten! :)

  2. Go Baylie! The worst is over, now on to the fun stuff!

  3. I am not looking forward to taking Kacie for her shots. Ever since she came with me when Nate got his she reminds me that she is not getting kindergarten shots. Good girl Baylie! I graduated school with a girl named Tia--I wonder . . .she had long dark hair, too. I bet its the same girl!

  4. I cannot believe that Baylie is going into kindergarten. She was just a baby. She is just growing up like the rest of your girls. It shocks me every time you show pictures. I'm so excited for all of you with the many accomplishments that you all endeavor.

    I love Tia. She does a great job. No one can give shots as well as she can. Funny thing is that Andy's best friend from high school is her nephew. I feel as if we're almost related.