Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trick or Treat

I am a little late is posting my Halloween pictures and there aren't very many. We had to get the kids dressed up 3 times this year. Our ward had a 'trunk or treat' the Tuesday before, the school 'spooktacular' was on Thursday and then trick or treating on Saturday. I forgot my camera at the first two events. My friend Brook managed to see two of my girls at the school and snapped this picture for me.
Emily was 'Dorothy' and Baylie was 'Jessie' On Saturday Emily had made plans to go with friends and left before I got to take any pictures of the four of them together. Here is Jace as 'woody', Baylie and 'Jessie' and Ali is a butterfly.
and again on the porch with the jack-o-lanterns

Emily and Toto (okay it's just Bella) when she returned home.

Lindsay worked and Kenna stayed home and handed out our candy to the neighborhood kids, I wish I would have taken a picture of her answering the door! We did have a fun Halloween and hope you all did too!


  1. I STILL need to do a post on Halloween and Hailee's birthday. I will eventually get to it. Cute pictures as usual. I love your families costumes. I will call you next year for suggestions:) How did primary go today? :)

  2. Adorable costumes! They could not be any cuter! All of them!

  3. Your kids looks Awesome! Carson came home from the preschool party all depressed because he wished he would have been a cowboy!!

  4. Love all the costumes,and you KNOW Luke loved Jace and Baylie's!!! To bad trunk or treat was SOOOO cold this year!:( It was fun to chat outside at your house on Halloween,good thing our hubby's had all the kids,ha!;)Gave us lots of time to chat!!!:))))