Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Utah trip

We had the opportunity to head down to Salt Lake to take the kids to lagoon and to do a little school shopping. We had a great time together as a family, with very little fighting! I wonder why the kids are always so good on trips! It was nice to get away from the daily grind! Baylie on the carousel, it was her favorite place to be!
Tidal wave, I sat opposite the girls to try and get this picture but with the hands up, you can't see them very well! Fun ride

Lindsay, me, and Kenna waiting in line for the spider!

Jace and Baylie riding in the "blue" boat. Emily following in the orange! Emily isn't a huge "rider" so it was nice to have her around to help the little kids on their rides!

Me and the girls hitting the shops at the Park City outlets! Chris was around to pay : ) Thanks Chris!
Waiting in line for the tidal wave. We finally talked Emily into going on one of the "big" rides with us and, she ended up loving it but we couldn't talk her into the big roller coasters!

Jace absolutely loved lagoon and especially driving these cars and the bumper cars! He didn't have very much patience for waiting "his turn" to get on the rides! He would get off and head right back on! He keeps saying he want to go back to "the goon!"

Chris and I found some shade to sit in while the little kids were on a ride! Such a cute couple!

Lindsay, Ali and Kenna in the spinning car on the carousel! They had it going pretty dang fast!

Kenna sporting some sunglasses that she thought she had to have. Better luck next time! At least we took a picture of you in them : )

Sitting on the deck of the pool at the hotel. Lindsay decided not to get in with everyone else.

Chris with the kids, playing in the pool.

Kenna, Emily, Jace, Baylie and Ali getting into the pool.

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  1. I LOVE Lagoon! I bet it is so much fun for your kids since they are all old enough to enjoy it. Great pictures of you and your family.