Friday, July 3, 2009

Girls Camp!

Ready or not, the girls of the Ammon Foothills Stake (50 something from our ward) headed to West Piney for a week of fun and adventure! Lindsay and Makenna always look forward to girls camp and this year was no exception. This is Makenna getting her "most bubbly attitude in camp" award. She was awarded with a three pack of bubbles! Each year the Jr. leaders make up silly awards and each girl is awarded something. Lindsay received a bottle of lotion for the "smoothest legs in camp!" I'm not sure if that one real or not, and I wasn't going to feel her legs to find out.
Hike day is always an adventure and this year, most of the girls went on the upper palisades hike. It was 16 miles round trip. This is picture taken with Lindsay's phone (why would she take her cell phone camping, I have no idea) of her hiking group. She is on the left with the white shirt and blue backpack. This hike completely wore her out for the rest of the week! She is still exhausted!

Makenna chillin' at the stream with her peeps!

Emily (Reese), Lindsay and Kourtni! Girls just wanna have fun!

Chris was even able to take in some of the action as he volunteered to be priesthood on Thursday and then help bring them home Friday. I don't know how much help he was if he was playing on the slide the whole time :D
It was a good week for the girls, memories they will enjoy for years to come! This was Chris's second year going up to help, so he must enjoy it too!


  1. Aahhh! All these pictures make me miss those girls so much. Thanks for posting, it brought back a lot of great memories!

  2. That's the same place we had the Robinson family Christmas 5 years ago. Looks like they had a great time! Love all the french braids!