Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jace and "his" toys

Trying to keep this little boy in the house is a huge effort on every ones part! Short of locking the doors (which I have done), it's almost impossible to keep him in. He is so full of life and keeps us running! To say he loves being outside is an understatement! He will go from ride to ride with whomever will take him on one. When he asks to "gopher ride" he asks to go on "his" moped!
Gotta love this face! Eating fruit snacks and/or Popsicles is a huge favorite of his. He has been known to get up in the morning and ask for a Popsicle.
Here he is riding his own trike. Not necessarily his favorite, he would rather ride on Baylie's bike.

With Makenna on the four wheeler. He loves to be on the move! I don't have any pictures of him on the moped, which I can't believe, but that is his favorite thing to ride, especially with his dad.

I think we got this barbie jeep when Lindsay was about 5, so like 10 years ago. It still runs great and Jace is more than happy to drive around the yard in it when he can't coerce any of his sisters to "gopher ride." It's hilarious to watch how well he (at 2) drives this! He can shift the gear and knows which one is which! It must be a boy thing! He doesn't even mind that most of the "toys" are pink : )

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