Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our new pets.... sort of

About 2 weeks ago, I wandered over to our camper down elm tree to see why it wasn't really flourishing like it should be (It had frozen right after it started to bloom, hopefully it will come back strong next year). I noticed a birds nest, it was empty at the time. I told the kids about it and Makenna became the "watcher of the nest." After about 2-3 days, she checked it and this is what she found. Four robins eggs. I love the color! She kept watching these eggs to see when they would hatch. When it came time for her to leave for grandma's week, they still hadn't hatched, so Jace and I became the "watcher." All during that week, Jace and I would wander over to see and nothing! We picked the girls up on Saturday evening, and earlier in the day, nothing! After church on Sunday she was excited to go see the eggs and was surprised to find this;
Brand new baby birds! No, they aren't the cutest things in the world. They could only be a few hours old at this point. She and Jace came running in the house to announce their arrivals. There were 4 eggs but there are only 3 birds. Not sure what happened to the fourth. We have to be really careful to make sure the mom isn't in the nest before we get too close.

This is what the birds do whenever we go to the tree and shake it. They will pop up thinking it's their mom coming to feed them. They have their little beaks wide open! They are starting to get feathers and have now opened their eyes. They are starting to look cute. This is the best part of our new pets, they will one day fly away! We have just been able to enjoy them for a few weeks, without having all the work that goes along with having pets.


  1. We have a birds nest in one of our trees. It is so funny because whenever Jeff goes around it to pick weeds the mamma bird goes crazy on him. She keeps trying to dodge for his head the closer he gets. It honestly is the funniest thing to watch. I know I am a picture taking fool. I was kid number four out of six kids. So needless to say, I don't have many pictures of me as a kid. I know you totally wanted to hear that:)

  2. Hehe! That's my kind of pets!! Maybe Makenna can convince the mommy bird to lay eggs in our tree? My kids have been after me for a dog (there's no way)....

  3. You can tell it's summer.... look at my bad English....