Monday, July 20, 2009

Adventure camp

Lindsay had the opportunity to go to "adventure camp." This is for all the young women in the stake who are/were 4th year campers. This year they went to a cabin near Stanley, Idaho for a few days of adventure! The saw 3 different lakes, either by hiking or biking. They saw sawtooth lake, red fish lake, and Alpine lake. They also had some great speakers in the evening and got to take part in devotionals that were given by each other. Each girl was given a topic to speak a few minutes on. Lindsay's was dating. This is a view of Alpine lake.
These are some goofy girls hanging out around the campfire. Lindsay with Makayle Weldert and Emily Reece. I asked her what was up with the hoods and she said they were doing everything they could to keep the mosquitos off them.

Here are all the girls either getting ready to start the bike trek or right after. Lindsay is the 4th girl from the left, front row, in an olive shirt.

This is during the hike up to sawtooth lake. Camille Baker, Kaylee Foster, and Lindsay.

They made it to sawtooth lake! She had a great time on this trip but came home very tired! What a great opportunity this was for her to explore the great Idaho outdoors. We are definitely lucky that we have great stake leaders that plan these not only fun, but spiritually uplifting adventures for these great young ladies!

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