Thursday, July 23, 2009

Worth the wait

Our patio is finally usable! I know you've all been wondering how it has progressed : ) There are a few things that need to still be cemented but it is fully functional at this point. My dear husband spent all day last Saturday laying the pavers, cutting the pavers and fitting them into place. He worked that morning, came home and worked on my patio until 10 pm. He did a fantastic job! This is a close up of the pattern he used for the top, he picked out these stones all on his own. In my mind, I thought we were going with the traditional "pavers." I am loving what he chose and how it turned out.
Here is it in full view. We have decided to add railing all the way around so that will take a little more time, but at least we can use it. The kids think it's great, they have moved the trampoline right next to and can just walk right on and off. Thank you Chris! We love it
(Maybe my next project, for him, will be to brick the rest of the house!)


  1. turned out great! What a handyman Chris is! The stones are super nice!

  2. I think your patio looks great! How did the garage sale go today?