Monday, August 10, 2009

What a big boy

This is only blog worthy because Jace HATES to get his hair cut. He has never sat in the chair by himself. Usually I have him sitting on my lap and holding his head still so the girl can cut it. It so embarrassing! The other day, I had been preparing him all morning for going to get it cut. I did not want to have him sitting on my lap, again! We got to great clips, and the girl called his name. He immediately grabbed my leg and wouldn't move! I picked him up and put him in the chair. I told him I would get him a treat afterwards if he would please just let her cut his hair without throwing a fit.

Nice! Can you see the madness on his face? He was not happy at all! He did sit there and didn't move. He was on the verge of tears a few times, poor guy!
He followed her instructions perfectly. Looking down when she said, and anything else she asked him to do. He didn't want to look at me for many pictures though. If he did well, look at the previous picture and his mood is obvious!

Cute boy! And, he is finally smiling. I told him he was such a big boy (now, if we can FINALLY get him potty trained, I would pay someone to do it, any takers?). The treat he chose was a tootsie roll, he's so easy!


  1. How cute. Yep, that's a pretty mad face. As for the potty-training, good luck. Andrew is almost 3 1/2 and still will not do it. He can, but he won't. He is supposed to start pre-school in 3 weeks but can't go if he's not potty-trained. Lucky me.

  2. I love the face! Priceless!! I promise the potty training will not be bad if you just wait until he's ready. It will just happen.

  3. He's so cute! Love the made face. And seriously, potty training boys is not bad! I just waited until mine were closer to 3 and it's easy. Your Lagoon, outlet-shopping trip looks so fun. I love the outlets! You have such a cute family, and I love the picture of you and Chris sitting in the shade while your kids went on a ride. You definitely are a cute couple!