Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School

The first day of school finally arrived, yesterday. Lindsay didn't have to go until today since she is a sophomore. The freshman had the day at the high school to themselves so they can navigate around the school without all the upperclassmen being under foot. Everyone was excited in anticipation of the day, including me! Here are Emily and Ali in front of the school. Ali is in first grade this year and Emily in 5th. As a mom, it's my responsibility to make sure I can take every opportunity for embarrassment. Ali didn't seem to mind the pictures but every other girl did.
Mrs. Ramos and Ali. We have heard really good things about her as a teacher and were excited to find out that Ali had been placed in her class. Ali has 2-3 of her friends in class with her too.

Mrs. Brian and Emily. Emily had wanted her for a teacher and we just lucked out with her placement. It seems like every other kid in our ward who is in 5th grade is in this class too, Emily has tons of friends in homeroom! It's bound to be a fantastic year for her : )
Makenna is starting 8th grade this year. We found two of Makenna's friends waiting at the bus stop when we dropped the 2 other girls off, so we offered them a ride. Little did they know, they would have to pose for a few photos! Makenna was so embarrassed and I loved it! She is with Kylie Day and Cambria Roedel.

Emily and Ali getting off the bus after the day was done. Smiles on their faces tell me it was a good day!

Lindsay is a sophomore. This morning dropping Lindsay off at school. She was also embarrassed. I had Makenna hop out of the car to snap this shot, just so she gets a feel for how fun it is to embarrass someone : ) I told both Kenna yesterday, and Lindsay today that I had all morning and if they didn't smile and make the pictures nice, I would stay there taking them until we got a good one! They both cooperated. All the kids received very nice fathers blessings for FHE last night, I'm just sure this will be a great year for all of them! The house sure is quiet this morning, but it's a good quiet.


  1. You seriously crack me up! I bet you were enjoying yourself a little too much with the photos. I took my fare share of Hailee. It's for memory purposes and our blog, not for embarassment:) Enjoy your quiet time.

  2. Great pictures girls. You all look beautiful!

  3. Your girls are all so gorgeous. Looks like they're off to a great year! Love all the photos!