Monday, August 31, 2009

My moms 60th b-day

This past saturday, Aug. 29th was my moms 60th birthday. We went to Caldwell for the big event. First of all, her kids went in together and paid for her to go skydiving ( a post by itself). My dad a sister, Laura went to great lengths to make sure this was a special day for her. We had a pinata, a jump house, dunk tank, catered hawaiian food and even surprised her by inviting a few of her closest friends to join us. Here is the birthday girl getting ready for her turn at the pinata. It was sort of a luau so this tiki/totem pole pinata fit right in.
This was her birthday cake. Since she went skydiving, it was only fitting that the baker put that on her cake. This is the best cake on the planet. We ordered 1/2 lemon filling 1/2 raspberry filling in a chiffon cake - YUMMY!!!!

Pretending to blow out the candles. It was a little windy so we couldn't keep them lit. Kaycie, Haley and Kyton are right there to help out!

Taking a whack at the pinata. David got a kick out of making it go up and down while she was swinging. We all had a super fun weekend and hope she had the best birthday ever! Love you mom!

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  1. Great pictures, Debi! I am glad we were all able to be there--it was a great day!