Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweet 16 & never been kissed!

May has always been a special month for us, not only is it our anniversary, but the best anniversary present was born the day after our anniversary! This year happens to be Kenna's sweet 16 and her golden birthday - she turned 16 on the 16th!
This is what she found when she walked out of her room in the morning!

 We let her open a few gifts before family prayer (I wanted her to have a new outfit to wear to school)

 After school, several of her friends came over to decorate her bedroom! (from R to L - Hannah Bitsoie, Cortlyn Weldert, Hayley Reid and Kaylee Bateman)

 Kenna came home a bit early and caught them in the act!
 Kenna, with Kaylee, Hayley and Cortlyn (nice balloon)
Her birthday was a crazy day, there was a lot going on! She wanted chick-fil-a for dinner before we had to run to Emily's choir concert!

  Kenna with her birthday cupcake  - a better than whatever from cocoa bean!  This is her favorite dessert item and the closest thing to a birthday cake I could get! She told me she didn't want a cake or anything but I could get something for everyone else! I know she loves this cupcake so I got several for us to enjoy with her!  Kenna isn't much of a dessert eater, she would rather have snacks like flavor blasted goldfish crackers or gardetto's snack mix -

The rest of her gifts -
 This cute picture of Jessie and Bullseye was colored by Jace and Baylie and given to Kenna -

 Dr. Pepper, her favorite!
 You can never go wrong giving a teenager money!
 SURPRISE!!  On Friday night, I hosted a surprise party for her!  Her friend Kylie Day took her home after school and kept her entertained until the appointed time and they arrived back at the house!
 The food
 These Oreo truffles were made the night before and Kenna even helped us dip & sprinkle them - she thought they were for Lindsay to take to seminary, which some of them were :) These have become a favorite and when the kids volunteer to take treats somewhere, this is what they want to take! Good thing they are super easy!!
 A few of her friends that came! 
This was a fun evening and I hope she had a great time - there were several times I thought the 'surprise' was going to be ruined but we pulled it off! 
 I have been really blessed with great kids that make being a parent easy (most of the time) and fun! Happy sweet 16 Kenna, we sure love having your fun, bright and happy personality in our home!

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  1. Wow! What a day! I can't wait to have teenagers . .. must be fun. . . and scary.