Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sea World

On Wednesday, we decided to head South to San Diego and go to Sea World. It's been many years since we've been to Sea World and I loved it! I must say, it was better than I remembered. We had a fun filled day with lots to do and see.
Here are the kids with Penguin Pete as we walked into the park. We headed right for the Shamu show. Since we got there a little early, my friend Christy Ball (they were in Southern California too) son was asked to be part of the show. It was a great opportunity for him and us as we got to sit in 'reserved' seating right down in front! Here is a great shot of Shamu, this is really where are seats were!! It was fabulous!!!
And then there were two...... Shamu's that is. They never mentioned another name so I wonder if all the whales are called Shamu. I think the technical name for them is Orka whales!

This was an amazing show, I can't believe the things they can train the whales to do. I think in my next life, I'll be a trainer here, maybe with the dolphins : )
The boy in the red jacket is Brandon, Christy's son.

Double flip!!! I can't believe I got this shot, my camera isn't the best so I must have just clicked at the right moment!! Usually, I get the big splash after they've gone into the water. Again, Brandon is here, he's on the big screen!!

We saw sharks.....

Went to the dolphin show, which was spectacular!! Here is the trainer riding two of the dolphins around the pool.

Another trick...... Having swam with dolphins twice, I can say I would LOVE to have been involved with this show. I think they are so amazing! My next life!

Another perfect shot, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

We went of a few rides, this one is called Atlantis. If you look closely, you can see me on the boat. I have my arms up, top left!

I had been sitting out with Jace and Baylie who weren't tall enough to go on this ride. Ali came back soaked every time, but the kids said I wouldn't get wet if I sat in the back or the row in front of the back. Ali ended up in front every time! Yeah, they were just saying that to get me on. I love rides but didn't feel like getting soaked!
Look at the kids turned around laughing at me!! Yep, got wet!! Ali is once again in the front, right with a white hoodie.
We ate lunch right next to these sea turtles. The kids feed them lettuce, since the Sea World employees told us that is one of the things they eat. You'll notice a piece of lettuce over by the one that is dry.

The flamingos were beautiful

Here's Chris touching a manta ray, with Emily watching closely. The kids thought this was cool, although they were awfully slimy!! I think all the kids finally mustered up the courage to touch them.

They had two VW bugs painted like Shamu where I had the kids stop for a pose. The license plate even says shamu.

This was my favorite day of the whole week. I love Sea World and could have spent more than one day here. The weather was perfect and the park wasn't crowded at all.


  1. Ever since I got my new phone, I am horrible at commenting on blogs. I check everything from my phone now while I feed the baby but don't comment since it takes too long. Sea World is always a blast. The shows are a lot of fun, and it looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves.

  2. I'm so jealous! How fun! I haven't been there forever either, but it looks more amazing than I remember too! Love all the neat photos.

  3. Glad you guys had such a great time in California! I'll have to make it to Sea World one of these days! Those seats WERE awesome! Great photo skills as well!!