Saturday, June 26, 2010

JAM Session

This afternoon, Lindsay, Makenna and I made some strawberry jam. The last time I made jam was about 2 years ago and we still have a few jars in the freezer. I decided it was time to do it again before we run out completely. Here I am putting the sugar and surejell into the pan. Lindsay blending up the strawberries.
I got the fun job of taking the stems off the berries and washing them

Pouring the jam into the jars, while Makenna cleans the sides of the jars (look carefully and you can see I totally spilled jam in between jars)

Finished product! We did 2 batches of jam and have enough strawberries to do another.

This was a fun afternoon, being able to spend with my girls and teaching them how to make jam. I didn't learn until a few years ago, when my awesome neighbor Jenny came to teach me.
Hopefully afternoons like these will be helpful to them in the years ahead of them. Now, I guess I better make some more bread, nothing better than fresh jam and hot bread!


  1. Yum Yum!!! Nothing better than homemade jam.

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  3. There is nothing better then having a bunch of sisters and a mom to do things with. I miss not being near most of my sisters and my mom. Maybe one day...

  4. Good for you guys! Where did you get your strawberries? I need to make some jam also. My boys told me that they refuse to eat store bought jam (although they still do--no other choice). It looks great!!

  5. Awesome is right. And don't you forget it! Just kidding... I don't know if I'll get any jam made this year. I'll just live vicariously thru you!!

  6. What cute pictures of you guys! I love it! And what fun memories. The jam looks yummy. Nothing better than homemade bread and jam!