Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emily in Mexico

Emily had the opportunity to go to Puerto Vallarta Mexico with Grandma and Grandpa Root and her cousin, Haley. Emily had a great time, one of the first things they did was head to the beach and get their hair braided. Here is Coco braiding Emily's hair and Lucy braiding Haley's. All done! I love the beautiful background, makes me miss Puerto Vallarta! There's a lady selling things and the box looking thing on the rocks is where you can go get an evening massage. At night it's all lite up with lights. It was very tempting when I was there. I do believe it or not, miss trying to bargain with all the people selling their items on the beach!
Emily did a ton of swimming in the resort pool!

Here is a view of the pool from their room at the resort. It's the Sheraton Buganvillias!

More swimming, with Haley

Here is an iguana that lived on the "island" at the resort pool.

They also had the opportunity to go on the pirate ship. Emily said this was her favorite thing, besides swimming.

Here are some of the pirates that performed the show on the ship.

They got to go on a city tour too. Here is one of the statues along the Malecon. This particular statue is the one welcoming visitors to the city.

They got to make a few crafts at the resort kids club.....

Emily with the sunset behind her.

Emily had a fantastic week with grandma, grandpa and Haley. What a fun opportunity for the two girls to spend a week in Mexico with them. She has already told me that Puerto Vallarta is definitely a place she would like to go back to. I told her now she knows why mom and dad love it! Thanks mom and dad for taking her, she loved everything (minus the jellyfish)!


  1. Looks like a great trip! Hope you had so much fun Emily!!

  2. She got some way better photos than Haley! Haley had a great time too and I am glad she got to spend some time with Emily so they could get to know each other better.

  3. I LOVE Puerto Vallarta! It looks like Emily had a great time. I can't wait to see DC pictures from Makenna's trip.

  4. Wow, that is the trip of a lifetime. Your parents are amazing to do that! What great memories Emily and Haley will have. LOVE the braids!