Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Jace is totally obsessed with all things toy story. Each time we are in a store, he oooh's and aaah's at all the toys. If a commercial comes on the T.V, he runs from where ever he is to come watch it. He wants every toy that he sees related to Buzz or Woody. I'm not sure when this obsession started but I think it was even before he watched either of the first two movies. He is definitely anxious for Toy Story 3 to come out, he keeps asking if it starts tomorrow almost daily. It just makes me laugh because I recall about 11 years ago when my nephew Zachary was 3 (he is now 13),was all about Buzz Lightyear and Woody and had almost every toy imaginable!! This cute little boy just makes me laugh and it's fun to see how excited he gets over such simple joys! I found this Toy Story 3 shirt at the grocery store, of all places, this morning and he wanted his picture taken and then texted to Makenna (who is in D.C). He's got his favorite plush Woody and Buzz as well, which he sleeps with and will even tuck under the covers for occasional naps, not him, just them! It's just too cute!


  1. Ha! Yes! Zach was totally obsessed, too! Be glad its Toy Story and not something worse--like whistles! That IS very cute! I'll try to remember that when his birthday comes around. As of now, I am planning to meet mom in Twin at 1pm on Saturday to get the girls.

  2. dito on Kara's comment. Gavin is obsessed with growling at everyone right now.

  3. That's so cute. He is at the PERFECT age for Toy Story 3 coming out!