Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How does your garden grow.....

Monday for Family Home Evening, we went out and planted our little garden. It's rather late in the season but with the weather we've had, we haven't had a evening to get out and do it. Hopefully we'll see some veggies come out of the garden even though it's so late. Here is Lindsay planting some peas. Baylie and Jace are really trying to help. Lindsay and Emily planting radishes with Jace in his best 'strike a pose' look!

Chris, Ali and Emily planing some red potatoes. YUM YUM

Baylie, Me, Jace and Ali showing off the tomato plants.

Chris filling the protective plastic around the tomatoes with water.

We were grateful for a nice evening to get out and get our garden planted and are anticipating the yummy veggies that it will produce!


  1. Its probably better than ours because our plants were all several inches tall and all froze with this last frost! I hope the corn and potatoes will pull out of it, but the tomatoes and zucchini are goners!

  2. That's awesome! That's one thing I long to have is a great garden. It's too cold here, all we get are peas. But one of my favorite family activities is planting the garden! I'm sad Kara's zucchini froze, I was hoping she'd pass some along... :)