Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Swimmers

These past two weeks, I've had Ali, Baylie and Jace in swimming lessons. This was Jace's first summer of taking swimming lessons and he loved it!! Ali is already a little fish, she's taking after her older sisters, and Baylie loves to play in the water but is still a little timid. Baylie's teacher even made the comment that her timidness is what is stopping her from being a "wonderful swimmer." Jace loved being the water and always did what his teachers asked him to do. There is a game they play called fishy in the basket. The class and teachers hold hands with one in the middle and then the one in the middle needs to get out by swimming under their hands. When it was Jace's turn to be the "fishy" he would lift the hands up and walk right under. It was pretty funny to watch, mostly because he is just so cute! Here he is hanging out on the step waiting his turn to do floats.
They did a lot of games with the rings too, trying to get the kids to go under the water. Jace ALWAYS had to have the blue ring.

Jace doing a back float with his teachers help.

Baylie, looking cute!

Here she is doing something with one of her teachers.

Swimming back to the wall after learning a stroke from one of her teachers.

Ali, getting ready to tackle the front crawl using a water board.

Ali's class learning how to do some of the strokes. They have them sit at the wall and practice in the "air" first.

Here she is, working on her front stroke! GO ALI!!

They all had a great two weeks playing in the water and learning to be good swimmers. Ali passed her class easily and the teacher told us she was almost able to pass the next class as well. Jace will repeat his beginners class until he can back float and front float without help. Baylie passed all the requirements in her class but with her being so timid, the teacher thinks she should re-take her class to help her gain more confidence in the water. He doesn't feel like she'll gain that confidence in the next class which is in water above her head.


  1. Looks like fun! I need to get my kids in swimming lessons, I missed the boat this year on getting them signed up early. Is that the Ammon pool?

  2. I am going to have to show Gavin what a BIG BOY Jace is... Today was the boys 1st swimming lesson and Gavin would not get in the pool. He sat next to me and watched the other kids. Didn't help that his teacher wasn't encouraging.